Shubhadinam: Budget, Box office, Review

Shubhadinam is a movie starring Indrans as a hero and a host of other actors. The film’s poster is getting great buzz there among the audience.

The film’s teaser is getting great reviews there among the audience. The videos of people waiting to watch the movie are great signs.

Shubhadinam is one of the most expected films of Indrans.

Shubhadinam Story

Zithin Poojappura, an ordinary young man, chose a path as a solution to many problems in life. He has great faith in time and finds a good day and a good moment to implement it. Zithin embarks on that adventure with complete confidence on a good day and there are moments that change his life. He never expected that.

Shubhadinam Collection

The collection is to been on known on the release date. The film has created a huge good on social media. The movie has great reviews for the teaser.

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Shubhadinam Release Date

The movie is to be released on 14 Oct, 2022.

Shubhadinam Teaser

The songs of the movie have done well on youtube.

Shubhadinam Budget

The budget of the movie is said to be 6+ crore.

Shubhadinam Tv and ott rights

The movies ott rights and tv rights have been sold to either voot or Netflix.

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