Ninna Sanihake: Box office Collections, Movie

Kannada Movie Ninna Sanihake starring Dhanya Ramkumar and Sooraj Gowda released throught out Karnatka on Oct 8.

The movie is much anticipated due to the debut of Rajkumar’s Granddaughter Dhanya Ramkumar.

The song of the Movie is a hit with the audience.

The Film is distributed by KGR connect.

The performance of the film’s performance at the box office is said to be 1 crore+ in a weeks run.

Directed by Suraj Gowda
Written by Suraj Gowda
Produced by Akshay Rajshekar
Ranganath Kudli
Starring Suraj Gowda
Dhanya Ramkumar
Cinematography Abhilash Kalathi
Edited by Suresh Arumugam
Music by Raghu Dixit
White and Grey Pictures
Distributed by KRG Studios
Release date
8 October 2021
Country India
Language Kannada

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