kannada Rajyotsava speech in English: Nov 1, Essay

There are plans to celebrate this year’s 66th Kannada Rajyotsava with great enthusiasm. Various events and competitions are organized for Kannada Rajyotsava. The essay competition is one of these competitions. So how to write an essay for the Nayvilli Kannada Rajyotsavam.

The student should be clear about the subject. We have to mention the history, practice, and significance of all things and the duty of all of us. It is necessary to know how much is given in the current phenomenon and what are its pros and cons. Here is an example of how to write an essay on Kannada Rajyotsava.

History of Kannada Rajyotsava

The day when the scattered Kannada was named as Karnataka. Karnataka is now known by the name of Mysore. The Karnataka Consolidation Movement was launched in 1905. In 1950, after India became a republic, various provinces of India became states based on languages.

Name of Karnataka

Although there are many opinions about the origin of the word Karnataka, it is generally said that the word “Karunaadu” is derived from the word “high land” which means “karu” and “naadu”. If the calf is black, the land is said to be a black cotton soil found on the plains. The Carnatic or Carnatic name was used during the British period as it was a water body on either side of the river Krishna.

Kannada flag

Karnataka has its own unique feel. M Ramamurthy, a Kannada fighter who knew the need for a kanakkam, prepared the flag using yellow and red. Originally, yellow signified the aura and saffron of Kannadambe, while yellow signified peace and harmony, while red signified revolution. Initially when the Kannada flag was ready, there was a map of Karnataka in the middle of the flag and a seven-sided tee. As it was a bit difficult to print, it was removed, leaving only yellow and red.

Rajyotsava celebrations

The Rajyotsava is celebrated by most Hindus, Muslims and Christians in Karnataka irrespective of religion. Ordinary people also celebrate Kannada vehicles by decorating the Kannada scene. The award will be announced on the day of the Karnataka Rajyotsavam by the State Government. Rajyotsava Awards are presented by the State Government of Karnataka. The chief minister of the state distributes the award to the sadhus. Karnataka Rajyotsava is celebrated in other parts of Karnataka, such as Mumbai and Delhi. The Karnataka Rajyotsava is celebrated overseas by Kannada companies, US, Singapore, Dubai, Muscat, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland and Ireland.

The role of all of you in the celebration of Rajyotsava is of great importance. It is also your responsibility to preserve the wealth of the land, the country and the wealth of the land, and to preserve it for the next generation. It is also our duty to walk away from this.

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