Head Bush: Budget, Release date

Head Bush is one of the most expected films of Dolly dhananjaya. The movie has dhanjay starring as the hero with. The movie is produced by the the hero himself that is dhanjay.

Head Bush Story

Dhanjay is an actor who has done offbeat film in Kannada. The film title and trailer suggests it is a Raw and a rugged movie.

Head Bush Collection

The collection is said to be around 50lakh. The film has opened well in the state.  The movie is getting a super response at the box office. The movie has decent reviews

Head Bush Release Date

The movie release date is going to release on October 21.

Head Bush Starcast

Dhananjay is the main lead in Head Bush. As the title suggests it is going to be a raw and rugged movie having lot of blood on the screen. The movie has amrutha iy lengar as the female lead.

Head Bush songs

The songs of the movie have done well on youtube.

Head Bush Budget

The budget of the movie is said to be 20 crores.

Head Bush controversy

The movie is based on a book on bangalore Underworld by agni shridhar. The movie is shot extensively to cover the life of don’t jayaraj hence the son of jayraj Mr Ajith jayraj is upset that his father is shown in badlight in the movie. So the matter may soon go to the courts.

Head Bush Collection

The collection is yet to begin. The movie is is expected to have a rounding opening owing to the fans of dhanjaya and the underworld theme

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